Designers kick off ‘Market on the Move’ in NYC

While the High Point Market returned in October after its spring edition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the industry still couldn’t attend for a number of reasons.

Designers Alexa Hampton and Thom Filicia noticed that many of their contemporaries, particularly those in the greater New York/New Jersey area, were missing, and each separately began thinking of ways to bring a piece of the experience to the region. When they compared notes and realized they were both thinking the same thing, they decided to pool their efforts. Called “Market on the Move,” it is it a pop-up initiative that, should it go well, could be done in other markets around the country moving forward.

The designers shared how it came together while on a call with Home Accents Today.

“It was a little different this time and great in a lot of ways but we missed seeing people that we typically see. Alexa and I were separately thinking about how to connect with people who didn’t have the opportunity to see it,” Filicia said. “Maybe it would be great to utilize the showroom I have in New York and show some of our favorite pieces from market.

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Therefore as I have plenty of area in my greenhouse and a big inventory of small pots I intend to sow as many seeds as doable straight into small pots fairly than using seed trays; sowing them in teams of three seeds to a pot. It could be fiddly (handling such small seeds individually) and time consuming sowing them in particular person pots however it will eliminate the need to transplant later and reduce plant trauma; and the compost for any pots the …