Success, with a ‘Fleurish’ | Home Accents Today

Since opening in 2013, Ohio’s Fleurish Home has seen sales of home décor and accessories grow steadily. Today, home décor accounts for 45% of its total sales. Photos by Audra Shields.

While 2020 was an uneven year for home décor retail, it taught Ohio-based store owner Debra Campbell one particularly valuable lesson. When her three Fleurish Home stores were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and business was reliant on online sales, Campbell reached deep to keep things running.

Fleurish Home owner Debra Campbell

“I had all my stores’ phones forwarded to my cell phone, filling orders from my kitchen counter to make every sale I could. It helped me understand how strong and resilient I am and it made me more confident as a businessperson,” Campbell told Home Accents Today. “A lot of times as an entrepreneur, you look at some of the other things you could be doing and you don’t necessarily celebrate the wins. I definitely celebrated the wins this year.”

And here’s the biggest win to celebrate — through it all, Fleurish Home continued its trajectory of growth since opening its doors in 2013. Prior to getting into the home décor business, Campbell owned and operated