The Home Furnishings Assn. (HFA), in conjunction with its marketing agency partner Furniture Branding, is launching 100×100 – The Voices of a New Year, a campaign that celebrates the organization’s centennial by paying tribute to retailers through their stories.

“Retailers came together to form the association so they could collectively battle threats to the industry, learn best practices from each other and tap into new resources that could grow their business,” said Mark Schumacher, CEO of HFA. “We also realized that furniture retailers have a critical role in helping Americans make their living spaces more comfortable and functional. Home furnishings are essential for our quality of life and peace of mind.”

Jesús Capó, president of HFA and vice president of Miami-based El Dorado Furniture, added, “HFA was formed out of big challenges confronting the industry. In 1920, we were dealing with the Spanish Flu.It’s a remarkable coincidence that our Centennial saw this big new challenge in 2020. It only seems appropriate that we observe our Centennial by focusing our attention on the retailers that make this industry so special.”

In 100×100, the HFA invites retailers to create and submit video content and imagery that present the story they want to tell.

Retailers can visit the HFA’s website to see a launch video learn more about the campaign, including how they can participate. The campaign will take place in Instagram (@my_hfa), including IGTV, as well as HFA’s various social platforms. The landing page will also house the videos as they are released.

There is no cost to participate, and the agency is seeking both professional and organic content, which it can edit to produce finished content.

“Several engaged retailers have already started the process of creating unique content to share. Some retailers are also celebrating a big anniversary, while others have found new avenues to succeed during the pandemic,” said Jason Pires, creative director and owner of Furniture Branding. Pires is spearheading the campaign. “It’s these unique stories that we want each retailer to author and share; it’s up to them.”

HFA was launched in 1920 by retailers for retailers who wanted to cooperate in purchasing and to combine their voices for advocacy in government. Today, the organization has more than 1,400 members operating more than 7,000 storefronts.

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