Outdoor fabric brand Phifer Inc. is releasing four new collections for 2021, grouped to reflect what the company calls the “progressive passage” of 2020.

Made up of 250 new fabrics, new introductions for Phifer mirror the rising consumer interest in outdoor spaces and “new space, fresh air and communion,” according to a release, caused by coronavirus quarantining and social distancing guidelines. Fabrics from the collection are Phifertex, a UV, mold and fade resistant vinyl-coated polyester yarn fabric, or Geobella, an outdoor-safe reclaimed fiber fabric.

The four-part introduction includes:

  • Broadband, a new collection that pulls from modern technological influences to promote a maximalist looks, leading to combinations of cool tones and bright corals, aquas and lime greens.
  • In Revive, glowing 1980s pastels mix with traditional earth tones to create warm neutrals with pops of baby blues and pale yellow.
  • Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics inspired Symphony, which takes gradient color and moves from deep and serious shades to soft and airy hues, blending blues and greens with moody grays and warm neutrals.
  • The Worldhood collection is based on the shades and tones of handmade pottery and baked clay from around the world.

For more information on other designed fabrics from Phifer, visit the company’s website.

Adelaide “Addie” Elliott is the web editor for Casual Living, Furniture Today and Designers Today. Before being promoted to web editor in May 2019, Adelaide worked as Furniture Today’s editorial intern for a year. Get in touch with her on Twitter at @AElliott_Writes or by email at [email protected].

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