Storis, a provider of retail software solutions and services to the home furnishings industry, has added new functionality that allows retailers to proactively tackle logistics challenges.

The new tool, called View and Manage Open Order Lines (VAMOOL), provides key data points for retailers to troubleshoot inventory line items that might not make their expected fulfillment dates.

The search panel of the tool allows retailers to examine an extensive set of criteria to determine any risks.

From the grid view, retailers can view or manage the lines and use additional linked sales orders, purchase orders and fulfillment sources to access to key information, according to Storis.

Retailers also can narrow their search by a number of filters including, for example, by the anticipated number of days that an open order line will be late. Filtering and sorting can be used to work with open order lines that have significant time delays to help retailers identify and address known issues.

Storis said there are a number of uses for the new tool, including communicating with customers regarding the timing and rescheduling of their orders.

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