Focusing on saturated colors and line work, Tidelli’s new products for 2020 have been released in the company’s latest catalog.

Auxiliary table with bucket

Building on its reputation for rope and weave detail, pieces like the Auxiliary table with bucket and Coffee table with bucket hide rope detailing underneath the table’s frame, and its rope light pendants and wall hangings, are available in a “rainbow of colors and materials.”

Goa Ombrelone

Other standouts from the collection include all-over color fringed Goa Ombrelone and the pet bed, which brings Tidelli’s signature style to all parts of a consumer’s family.

“Some of us are venturing out but there’s no time like right now for a staycation,” wrote the company in a release. “Our homes are more important than ever and any outdoor space we have has never been more in demand.”

According to the same release from the company, thanks to strict social-distancing measures, the company, which hand makes its pieces in Brazil, have been able to keep their operations running at full speed to keep product in stock.

To learn more about the new pieces, visit Tidelli’s website.

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