Casual industry comes together to support Casual Comfort after factory fire

Porch Concepts, a Wilmington, N.C.-based casual furniture retailer, has organized a crowdfunding campaign for Casual Comfort to help the casual furnishings manufacturer get back to business following a devastating June fire that destroyed the company’s factory.

“While the tightly-knit Amish community quickly banded together to rebuild and get the operation back up and running, you can only imagine the high expense to reestablish the outdoor poly furniture business,” wrote Mary Maki, co-founder of Porch Concepts, on the GoFundMe page being used to raise funds for Casual Comfort.

According to the LNP, the fire, which took place June 3, destroyed about $1.5 million in property including lots of poly materials, a few CNC machines, a barn and the main manufacturing shop. It was started when a trash burning fire got out of control outside the manufacturing building.

“At a time when we all are challenged with the burdens of the COVID-19 pandemic on our families as well as our business colleagues and taking time this week to count our blessings, I invite you to consider making a donation to this worthy cause and help one of our own,” continued Maki in her post. “This is, unquestionably, a perfect case

Designer Ryan Saghian introduces new rug collection

The signature rug print is a bold splatter, inspired by abstract expressionism and representational of action and freedom available in both white on black and black on white.

LOS ANGELES – California designer Ryan Saghian has introduced his first rug collection in partnership with Caravan Modern, a maker of luxury handmade rugs.

“For me, designing rugs feels a little bit like coming full circle,” said Saghian, who is of Iranian descent and grew up in Los Angeles. “My grandfather was in the Persian rug business and left Tehran to open a rug showroom in Milan, and my father almost went into the rug business, too, but then he became an architect in the U.S. instead. These rugs are crafted in Nepal as part of a long family tradition by artisans working there.”

Saghian has been successful with several previous project launches, including his furniture line, launched in 2014; his wallcoverings, in 2018; and his tableware, which was introduced in mid-2020. He originally founded his first interior design firm at the age of 21.

The Ryan Saghian Home rug collection features hand-knotted silk rugs, crafted in Nepal and available in several patterns:

  • SoHo White on Black and SoHo Black on White

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