Furniture sales continue year-over-year rise in November

Falling slightly below October levels, furniture sales continued its year-over-year climb in November, up for the month for the fourth month in a row.

Bringing in a total of $10.3 billion this month according advance estimates from the Department of Commerce’s monthly report on retail sales, furniture and home furnishings store sales were down 1.1% from October’s adjusted $10.4 billion total, not changed from last month’s report, and up 3.6% from November 2019. For the three month period of September-November, totals were up 10.3% year-over-year and down 0.8% when compared with June-August of this year.

The slight dip in furniture and home furnishings sales in November from October could be attributed to consumer holiday shopping trends. Normally taking place during the day of and week around November’s Black Friday retail holiday, research has indicated that many people opted not to shop traditional retail holidays this year out of concern over coronavirus safety in crowded stores, and many retailers obliged those concerns by elongating holiday sales into the months before and after those holidays.

The year-over-year growth may reflect ongoing consumer demand in the category and interest in home-related projects, also seen in building material and gardening equipment’s double-digit

Interior designer launches new e-commerce home furnishings site

NEW YORK – After analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on the interior design industry and its impact on online buying trends, Robin Baron of Robin Baron Design, along with the firm’s Vice President Yudi Kaufman, opted to redesign the business’ model in its 30th year to better serve both the consumer and trade audiences.

Beginning as a shift into virtual interior design, offered by the room or by the hour, the update has expanded to include a full e-commerce site and platform.

Leveraging her industry contacts, Baron has curated a global listing of products, launching at with approximately 2,500 SKUs and plans to add hundreds of new SKUs every month for the first quarter of 2021 in new categories. Currently, all items are searchable by various fields, including room, product category, colors and design style, with definitions and imagery to illustrate and educate even the “casual consumer.”

In addition to products for sale, site will also provide design guides, available for sale and digital download, featuring an array of resident experts to inspire customers while emphasizing Baron’s tips and advice. Customers will also have access to Baron’s design services, available by the hour or by the room, as well