With Glympse, Crate and Barrel customers can communicate with their delivery driver in real time on the day of delivery to reduce the need to reschedule and tackle issues before they arise.

NORTHBROOK, Ill. – Indoor/outdoor furniture retailer Crate and Barrel has partnered with Glympse, a communications platform that offers customers shorter wait times and streamlined operations.

“Crate and Barrel has always been committed to providing personalized customer experiences,” said Sarah Casalan-Bittle, Crate and Barrel vice president of stores. “Partnering with Glympse has allowed us to maintain that commitment to our customers by providing timely notifications and clear visibility into deliveries that help re-define the modern shopping experience.”

The Glympse platform reduces calls to the store and minimizes customer wait times by providing proactive communications to both customers and store employees.

The service will notify customers when an order is ready, give critical pickup instructions and allow customers to let the store know in advance when they will arrive curbside or in-store, so store associates can bring products to the customer the instant they arrive.

The solution facilitates proactive engagement between the customers and store associates by adding real-time visibility, alerts and two-way communication at critical moments during the curbside or in-store pick-up process.

Glympse also offers a mobile app and in-store kiosk to store associates that provides alerts which allow them to proactively serve the customer, work more efficiently, and ultimately reduce operational costs.

For home deliveries, Glympse sends notifications and updates to customers in real-time throughout the delivery day with the location of the driver. The customers are also able to communicate with the driver and leave feedback – both in real-time.

“Crate and Barrel understands that customer experience is the key differentiator in this economy,” said Chris Ruff, CEO and president of Glympse. “We are thrilled to be providing added visibility so they can provide next-level customer service.”

Ruff said Glympse’s communication system often prevents missed or rescheduled deliveries and reduces the number of inbound calls to customer service.

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