The International Casual Furnishings Assn. (ICFA) has renewed its Richard Frinier Design Scholarship program, originally cancelled in 2020 due to challenges incurred by pandemic.

At the same time, the design scholarship’s award-winning design namesake and his wife and business partner, Catherine Frinier, have also increased the scholarship award to $2,500.

Originally initiated four years ago, the Richard Frinier Design Scholarship includes a product design competition created to “inspire and encourage students of design to create innovative outdoor living spaces for residential, contract and hospitality environments,” according to a release.

“We wish to encourage the work of young designers and help them to discover the vast opportunities to bring the quality of indoor living outside and the casual spirit of the outdoors inside,” said Richard about the scholarship.

Complete scholarship entry information has been distributed to professors at some 40 colleges and universities across the country. As part of the scholarship, students were invited to develop products in the furnishings, textile, lighting and accessories categories. Submissions, including a thorough concept statement and product sketches, will be judged by a panel of professionals in the design community after the May 31 submission deadline.

Earlier this week, the new ICFA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Harold Hudson, president of Summer Classics Private Label, said that attracting more benefactors to support the Richard Frinier Design Scholarship was one of his goals for 2021 in another release from the ICFA.

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