The new 3D showroom for Telescope Casual Furniture features both indoor and outdoor elements and offers sales reps a private and dedicated platform to virtually host dealer meetings and product trainings.

Telescope Casual has partnered with tech company Simply Augmented to publish 3D models of every product in its 2021 line and create a virtual 3D showroom.

“Simply Augmented showed us numerous ways to improve and expand upon our original color-configurator program,” said Kait Warren, marketing manager for Telescope Casual Furniture. “While New York State was on an eight-week pause in March of 2020, we took the leap.”

The first project involved creating and publishing a 3D model for all 700 available items in the company’s product line.

“During the late summer of 2020, … our sales and marketing teams were exploring new ways to continue to bring in business and find innovative ways to showcase our new 2021 products since the typical 2021 summer trade shows had been canceled,” said Warren.

This led to a partnership with Simply Augmented to produce a virtual 3D showroom, powered by Linkroom, which combined interactive virtual tours and the zoom calls that have become so necessary during the past year.

“Twenty people at one time can access the showroom,” said Boaz Ashkenazy, CEO of Simply Augmented. “It can be customized … and can be a replica of the company’s actual showroom or an entirely new one.”

Telescope spent several weeks brainstorming as a team and eventually created the new virtual 3D showroom with both indoor and outdoor elements.

“Our goal was to create a virtual atmosphere where our sales reps could meet, train and sell our new 2021 products to their retailers in a safe space, despite the pandemic,” Warren said. “The virtual showroom gave us the closest thing to normalcy: a Telescope showroom paired with new products and friendly faces.”

There is a private and dedicated platform for sales reps to host their dealer meetings and product trainings, said Warren, noting that the biggest indicator of success with the virtual showroom is the continual feedback regarding future developments and that it allows the company to reach out to dealers nationwide.

Telescope now can create unlimited images and augmented reality on-demand with the technology that lives on its website.

“For sales reps who were trying to show retailers a particular chair with fabric but they didn’t have actual images of the fabric, they can now create their own imagery with all existing fabric combinations,” Ashkenazy said.

Ashkenazy said he’s seeing more and more manufacturers moving to 3D instead of photography since it is cost-effective and has multiple uses.

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